Crafting your wedding ceremony: a step-by-step plan


Set your date and other details

The first detail for us to determine is whether I am available on your wedding date. If so, I will want to know about a few of the other decisions you may have already made. Your answers to these questions help me provide a more accurate estimate of my fees.

  • Location and time of wedding
  • Size of your bridal party
  • Plans for a rehearsal
  • Estimate of guests
Everything you said was just right for us. Even when I think about it now I start to get a little misty! I think our guests were really blown away, too.
— Claire & Jack

Tell me your story

I will also want to know about your relationship and about your vision for your special day, such as:

  • How long have you known each other?
  • Does either of you have children?
  • Tell me the story of your relationship.
  • What is your religious and/or spiritual background and do you want that reflected in your wedding ceremony?

Your answers to these and other questions will:

  • guide me in my selection of options for you
  • suggest possible special touches
  • bring to mind ways to incorporate friends and family
You were so amazing to work with. From meeting with us, to putting on the perfect and most organized rehearsal, and for being such a positive person that day. The storm could have put a damper on things (no pun intended—haha) but it turned into an even more memorable day!! Without your soothing voice saying those words we chose for our ceremony, it wouldn’t have been as special as it was.
— Kelly & Zac

Let me help you get started

I will lead you through the ceremony-planning process, sharing dozens of options for you to choose from, incorporating your ideas and weaving it all together into a cohesive, beautiful whole.

Together we will craft something that feels just right to the two of you and embroider it with little winks of your personalities.

On the big day, I will lead your one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony for you.

We’re in this together

Creating a meaningful, memorable wedding ceremony will be a collaboration between me and the two of you. Don’t be surprised if you learn some new things about each other along the way.

Consider your choices

I’ve got LOTS of ideas to share with you and to help jumpstart your own creativity. All you have to do is tell me what you like and what you don’t like, though you are welcome to do your own research, compose your own pieces and to edit, tweak and refine every sentence I share.

Your wedding ceremony doesn’t have to feel weighty and formal. The best ceremonies blend serious and lighthearted, touching and quirky, classic and offbeat. In other words, they feel like real life.

A back-and-forth process (via email, mail or phone), during which I’ll ask questions, make suggestions and offer more possibilities, will help us develop a ceremony that feels just right to you. The only limits are our creativity and our comfort zones.

We’ll also discuss logistics, ranging from rehearsal details to family dynamics.

Connect all the dots with a rehearsal

During the rehearsal, your attendants, family members and, most important, the two of you, will find out where to be when, and how the ceremony will flow. This, along with working out last-minute details and answering questions, helps everyone feel more confident, connected and relaxed at the wedding.

Delight in your day

On your wedding day, I will lead the ceremony we created together – a deeply meaningful, memorable and personal way to make your commitments to one another.  You can count on me to manage the energy, guide the participants and wrap in your guests, all while keeping the focus on the two of you. I will bring my calm to any chaos, and connect with you, your wedding party, your photographer and the DJ or musicians before we get started.

For a wedding ceremony that feels like you

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Banner photo © Laura Catron at Studio-LB