When you work with me, you’ll get someone who …

1 ♡ — listens closely to your vision (even if you aren’t exactly sure what it is), asks questions, makes suggestions and shares lots of ideas.

2 ♡ — respects your values and beliefs, and while I will make lots of suggestions based on my experience, I will always follow your lead.

3 ♡ — loves kids, pets, families, emotions and being in nature. Which is perfect because most weddings include all that and more.

4 ♡ — searches out memorable ways to celebrate your heritage, just-right turns of phrases, sweet ways to include your most important people, new twists on unity ceremonies … these are things I do for fun.

5 ♡ — is fairly unflappable. After more than 15 years and over 500 weddings, very little ruffles my feathers. You can call it calm or centered or grounded. I just call it experienced.

6 ♡ — tracks both the details and the big picture throughout the ceremony planning process and on your big day.

7 ♡ — practices every ceremony before leading it.

8 ♡ — gets a lot done and has fun at your rehearsal. This will help you relax because everyone will know what to do when and, more importantly, because you’ll know that I’m keeping an eye on every little thing.

9 ♡ — ensures that the selections you make and the special touches you choose are what your guests will experience because I very rarely go “off book” (significant events, weather or otherwise, excluded!)

10 ♡ — networks with the wedding vendor community and has great relationships throughout the Black Hills, because a connected, respectful vendor team makes for a smooth day.

11 ♡ — gives every wedding the same attention and care that I would give to my loved ones’ weddings.

12 ♡ — is the firstborn in a family of five kids, meaning you don’t have to worry about your dad giving me a hard time or how I will corral your wedding party. I’ve got this.

13 ♡ — values depth, meaning and emotion. Weddings are our most intimate promises, made in the presence of the people we care about most. They are moving. I often get misty-eyed, and I will laugh right along with your guests during any “unscripted” moments.

14 ♡ — leads your ceremony with presence, skill and heart, and loves being married, which shines through every ceremony.

Need more details to decide if I’m a good fit?

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You were so organized and very calming for this very happy event. We couldn’t have had the ceremony go any smoother....THANKS!
— Marcy, mother of the bride
We had a great time. I’m relieved we had a couple of moments of laughter! I will never forget the unity fumble (typical of my husband, and for that matter, me – as we are both clumsy) and when you said “leap of faith” during the ceremony, a fish jumped just behind you in the water.
— Megan & Bill