Celebrate your wedding anniversary with a vow renewal ceremony

You’re still the one

Your relationship has evolved and deepened over the years, bringing you both blessings and challenges. A vow renewal is a meaningful, memorable way to celebrate.

Renewals are heartfelt, joyous occasions because this commitment is made with your eyes wide open – with full knowledge of one another and what it means to keep these promises. This can be a public celebration with many guests, an intimate affair involving your most special people or a private ceremony for just the two of you.


You made our 25th wedding anniversary and vow renewal more personal, more beautiful, more true to who we are as partners and as a family than we could have ever hoped for. You were a joy.
— Kent & Lisa

Share your story

Working together, we will create a ceremony that reflects who you are now as a couple. We can include, honor and bless your children. We can acknowledge and forgive difficult times. We can create a vision for your future, all while reaffirming the love, commitment and history you share.

Turning point or milestone anniversary

Sometimes, life hands us a significant event that wakes us up to the preciousness of our relationships – an illness, a loss, a close call. Renewing your vows is a beautiful way to acknowledge that you don’t take one another for granted.

And it’s a joyous way to express your ongoing love on a special anniversary.

Renewing our vows on our 25th wedding anniversary was so special. Unlike our first ceremony, we weren’t nervous – we knew what we were getting into! Thank you for your ideas and your obvious delight in celebrating with us. We loved being so involved in creating the ceremony.
— Darla & Tim

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