Your wedding rehearsal = prepared = relaxed


Recommended for all. Required for some.

Rehearsals are required for large wedding parties, and I recommend them for everyone. This is when people discover that 35 miles on the map does not equal 35 minutes of travel time in the Black Hills, meet who they are paired with for the entrance, know when they will participate and just generally “get their sillies out.” 

In short, rehearsals help everyone feel more relaxed, confident and present on the big day.

We had so many compliments on you and the ceremony. It was awesome. (And, thank God for the rehearsal!)
— Mary & John

Include everyone

Ideally, all participants, including whoever might sing and/or read during the service, the parents of the bride and groom, and especially any young children, are present at rehearsal. Rehearsals are usually scheduled a day or two before the wedding in the same location and ideally with the same setup as the wedding.

I’ve got your back

I am very directive (aka bossy) at rehearsals because nothing takes the fun out of a big day like worrying about when you are supposed to do what. We will stay with the process until everyone is comfortable. I will work out any last minute tweaks, reassure the parents of the ring bearers and flower girls, cue the readers, chat with the grandparents, answer questions from the ushers, ask the couple to make announcements about the next day’s schedules and do whatever else is needed.

Our ceremony was perfect! We were told by many people that it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to! Mary made the whole process so easy. We would have been totally lost if it hadn’t been for her and all the options she gave us.
— Nicole & Jake

Still wondering if you need a rehearsal?

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