About Mary Maisey-Ireland


Wedding ceremony planner and officiant

A rich and meaningful wedding ceremony can become a touchstone you can return to, again and again, throughout your lives – for inspiration, encouragement, even direction.

Understanding your vision for your ceremony and then searching for gorgeous phrasing, meaningful symbolism and distinctive ideas to help bring your vision to life is a knack of mine. It lights me up.

Your ceremony is specially crafted with and for you.

It was truly a perfect day for Kendra and me. We had a ton of people come up to comment on how great your message was. I have to say if it had been anyone else, it just wouldn’t have been the same.
— Zach & Kendra

Experience counts

You can depend on me to be personable, responsive, organized, communicative, and even bossy, when necessary (usually at rehearsals). Because I have been creating and leading all kinds of wedding ceremonies for more than 15 years, you can relax and enjoy the whole process.

Stay calm

Experience has taught me that in spite of all the careful planning and preparation, things happen. The weather changes, someone gets sick, stuff gets forgotten, rings get dropped.

It’s all ok. I will maintain the flow of the ceremony for you and your guests, and those unanticipated moments are often the ones that will be re-lived, laughed about and cherished most.

Our ceremony went beautifully in no small part due to your calm and open presence and guidance. I want you to know that we received many compliments from our family, and we couldn’t be happier.
— Beth & Kasen

My beliefs

My spiritual beliefs have love, learning and empowerment at their center.

I believe that love is love, and that it is our highest calling. As such, I do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender or religion.

I honor and respect all beliefs and traditions – religious, spiritual and secular. Because I feel that ceremony work is sacred, I put a lot of time, energy and heart into creating and officiating each ceremony. I will listen carefully to your wishes, make suggestions and ask clarifying questions.

Though I do not think of myself a minister, I was ordained in order to be able to perform weddings. Creating meaningful ceremonies is definitely one of my ministries in life.

I’m also a life and business coach

The other part of my professional life is dedicated to personal and business coaching, where I facilitate and empower people to live lives of success, delight and balance.

Often, this includes helping them acknowledge and celebrate their milestones, which is how these two passions of mine have coalesced into one unexpected and amazing career path.

Of everything that happened on our day, you being there was definitely what made it as special for our guests as it was for Adam and me. It was a ceremony about us and our love, and that is exactly what we wanted.
— Melinda & Adam

And I’m married to my best friend

David and I live in the foothills on a few acres, where the chores and the cycle of seasons keep me connected to what’s real.

Our two grown children continue to be my most loving and patient teachers. They are the people for whom I want to be my biggest and best self.

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