How to make your ceremony uniquely yours


Share your personalities

Your wedding ceremony can reflect your values, your history, even your sense of humor. There are dozens of ways to let your personalities shine through, making your ceremony more meaningful for both you and your guests.

Get sentimental

Do you have a favorite song, significant poem or special nicknames? Do you love your grandmother’s lace hankie, that lucky penny you’ve had since you were eight or the earrings he bought for you on your first date? Does your family have a sweet, silly send-off tradition?

Your ceremony can incorporate all of these things, making it as unique as your relationship. If it will add to the richness and meaning of your day, we can find a way to include it.

Thank you, Mary, for being such an important part of our day. Your special touches and warm demeanor made us feel very special.
— Ron & Leslie

Embrace tradition – with a twist

Even if you know you want to say the beautiful vows said by generations before you, embracing the way that traditions connect us to each other and to our history, we can add your signature touches throughout the ceremony.

Acknowledge your children

Many couples are not starting out alone; they are blending families. Your wedding day is an important turning point for your children, too. Opportunities for including your children range from being an attendant to escorting you into the ceremonial space to exchanging vows with each other to a quiet family blessing.

I’m glad you suggested involving the kids with family blessing. It was a surprise for Michael, and he still talks about it how nice it was and that it got him a little choked up.
— Misty & Michael

Honor others

You can thank each other’s parents. You can credit the person who introduced you. You can acknowledge loved ones who are unable to attend or people who have died. One of the couples I married had spent months apart, each on an overseas tour of duty with the National Guard. During their wedding, they presented yellow roses to guests who had served in the military.

Use music to set the tone

There are lovely traditional choices, and if you’ve always dreamed of walking down the aisle to Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” (I did), please do. Just don’t limit yourselves, because the music you love reveals a lot about who you are.

I’ve been party to some very fun deviations from tradition. One couple entered to “Where or When” by Ella Fitzgerald. Another made many traditional choices but exited to the Star Wars theme. A couple marrying for a second time chose “When I’m 64” by the Beatles. And more than one couple has chosen “Bad to the Bone” for the groom’s entrance and “Another One Bites the Dust!” for their recessional, prompting chuckles from their guests.

Your DJ will be a great resource (click here for ones I love working with). And check out for dozens of possibilities, categorized by genre, for every part of the day from the ceremony processional to the last song of the night.

Mary was supportive of our needs and wants, and an all around class act.
— Lisa & Andy

Participate as much as you wish

Books and websites abound, full of information and ideas for ceremonies. Browse them to your heart’s content and share with me. I love new ideas, and I am open to almost anything (though I won’t jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Sorry, skydivers!).

Need ideas?

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Banner photo by Heather Gabriel, used with permission