Ceremonies for milestones and transitionS

from house blessings to baby welcomings and more


Mark the milestones

Some moments in life are big. They are the pivot points, the thresholds, the crossroads.

Honoring the important events of our lives makes them more meaningful. Many important occasions (birth of a child, decade birthdays, retirements, wedding and baby showers) are honored with fanfare and community participation.

Others are much more intimate. Sometimes, big steps like starting school, leaving home, changing jobs or homes get lost in the hectic details. And some are barely recognized, even by ourselves.  

A few thoughtful additions can add depth, meaning and sustenance to all of these special days.

I was 3 weeks past due, and the waiting was almost unbearable. Mary brought fun and presence, and helped me remember that birth is a beautiful miracle, no matter how it unfolds. Every time I looked at the tattoo on my belly or my rainbow toes, I smiled!
— Melonie Montgomery
Because we bought our dream home from friends, it was hard to visualize the house as ours. After our house blessing, I felt inspired, peaceful, and at home. Even my children slept peacefully the very first night in their new rooms! Mary helped me turn a stressful transition into something beautiful and meaningful.
— Kristin Dehler

Even the private or difficult ones

Other momentous moments are downplayed, ignored or dishonored. Consider divorce. Weddings are typically very public celebrations, rich with traditions. Divorce, by contrast, is often private and held at arm’s length.

Yet how fitting to mark the endings in our lives, whether it be the end of a job, a year, or a marriage. You can ceremonially release yourself (and your ex or boss) from the promises you made, with gifts to honor who you are now, and in the company of the people who loved and supported you through the process.

The “completion of relationship” ceremony that Mary facilitated for my ex-husband and I allowed us to end our marriage with care and respect. Mary held our raw hearts gently as she guided us through a ceremony to help symbolically let go of the parts of the relationship that were now in the past, while holding on to being co-parents for our treasured daughters. Marked by tears and laughter, it culminated with a new commitment to be the best parents we knew how to be, and with love and respect for each other’s new paths.
— Pam

Ceremonies honor the circle of life

A ceremony can help us be more present in our lives by acknowledging the significant comings and goings, changes and growth, leaps of faith and even the ordinary days. Marking significant milestones acknowledges their importance and their impact on your journey.

Ready to acknowledge something momentous?

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