How to start planning your wedding ceremony


You know what you want

You want a gorgeous ceremony that is as extraordinary as the other carefully chosen details of your special day.

And you want the person who creates and leads it to not only know what they are doing, but to love it, too.

You also know what you don’t want

What you don’t need is one more big project – research to find the perfect words and special touches – on top of all the tasks that come with planning a wedding.

You’ve come to the right place.

Let me help you get started

I will lead you through the ceremony-planning process, sharing dozens of options for you to choose from, incorporating your ideas and weaving it all together into a cohesive, beautiful whole.

Together we will craft something that feels just right to the two of you and embroider it with little winks of your personalities.

On the big day, I will lead your one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony for you.

You made the process stress-free and so enjoyable. You made the best day of our lives perfect!
— Vanessa & Mike

Finding your way around this site

Wondering about how wedding ceremonies can be personal?
Visit Special Touches and, to get a sense of what’s possible, scroll through the photos in the Idea Gallery. Because a picture really is worth 1,000 words.

Looking for the perfect place?
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Curious about the ceremony co-creation process?
Check out Crafting Your Ceremony.

Need a few more vendors for your wedding team?
Meet more folks who love weddings as much as I do here.

Want to know more about me?
Click on About Mary.

All I can say about our wedding ceremony is that it was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! It surpassed all of our expectations.
— Leah & Sindre

One-of-a-kind ceremonies are my specialty

I’m Mary Maisey-Ireland, wedding officiant and ceremony planner. For more than 15 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of couples to create memorable, meaningful wedding ceremonies that reflect their personalities, their values, and their relationship.

Let’s talk about your one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony

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We are still basking in the afterglow! The ceremony was precisely what we wanted it to be. Its success was 90% your planning (and what you helped us to plan) and 10% good fortune (namely the weather).

We literally could not have asked for anything more perfect. It even exceeded our idealized preconceptions of what it would be like, which doesn’t often happen in life! It was, most importantly, meaningful to us as a couple starting this new chapter. As an added bonus, our families and friends were blown away by how lovely it was. We had some serial wedding-goers in the crowd, and even they said it was one of the most touching ceremonies they’ve been to. We were quick to credit your talents.

Thank you for your kindness, expertise, and cool under pressure.
— Sarah & David


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